Sober Things to Do at Night

Where there is nothing to take the edge off of the small and large difficulties and pain that comes with living. A world where you have to constantly say no to yourself. Deirdre graduated in 2012 from Pace University and completed her bachelor’s at Columbia University in New York and has her Master of Science in Family Nurse Practitioner. Deirdre also has a Master’s in Public Health in Epidemiology. Deirdre has extensive experience in mental health and treating substance use disorder related issues. In addition, Deirdre has experience in caring for young adults, women’s health issues and adolescents with HIV/AIDS.

Fried and overly sugary foods will also artificially spike your dopamine levels and cause your brain to overcorrect, leaving you feeling irritable, depressed, and cranky. These are all things you’re trying to overcome from drinking. One of the best things you can do for yourself when you’re feeling bored in sobriety is to find a way to serve others. This is probably new for your friends and family, too. Don’t be afraid to communicate how you’re feeling. When serotonin and dopamine levels are low, we become less motivated and less interested in our surroundings.

Futures Recovery

Clarity helps you communicate and helps you focus. Clarity helps you put into perspective the reality of addiction and helps you see just how sick substance abuse was making you. Clarity feels good and is one of the greatest benefits of sobriety. Aptly characterized as a battle, recovery is often a literal fight for survival. For many of us it is the greatest challenge of our lives, and the hardest work we’ll ever do. It can be so difficult, some days it feels impossible, and that’s the truth.

Reasons You Might Feel Bored in SobrietyAlcohol artificially boosts serotonin and dopamine in your brain. Sober mom and recovery enthusiast, Kristin (@kristintothemax on Instagram), says conversations and community made a huge impact on their happiness in early recovery. Finding joy in recovery—when all of our known and comfortable sources seem off-limits without alcohol—can be difficult.

Taking Stock of Your Personal Growth

But it is possible to take baby steps and get your finances in order. Just keep in mind that your improvements won’t happen overnight. It is also important to seek help from a therapist. A mental health professional can help you cope with some sober life of the challenges you’ll face on your path to sobriety. Depending on the type of dependency, PAWS can last from six months to two years after you stop using drugs or alcohol. Sobriety means not being under the influence of a substance.

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